Joel Evans – Professional Singer & Guitarist

Joel Evans - Professional Wedding Singer for Hire

Sorry, but I’m no longer available for bookings.

Looking for a musician to play at your wedding, party or bar?

Check out my friends at DG Music agency who will be be happy to help you choose another great live music act.

A big thank you…

…to all the brides and grooms, wedding guests, party people, and everyone else I’ve performed to over the years! It’s been a real privilege to earn my living by playing music, and I couldn’t have done it without your support.

What next? I’m leaving the world of weddings and parties to pursue other musical projects. Search for “Clementine Duo” on iTunes and Spotify and you can hear some of the cover songs I’ve recorded with my partner Martha. Or if you have young kids, check out the children’s music we’ve released as “Nursery Rhymes 123”. Finally, you might also spot some of the music we’ve written on TV shows or films – for example, check out series 1 episode 5 of the TV show “Guilt”, and you’ll hear our song “Come Alone” playing in the jail scene.

So… thanks once again to everyone who’s supported me over the years, and if you’re planning a wedding or party, I hope you have a fantastic time!