Live Music for Bars, Pubs & Restaurants

Looking for some live music to entertain the crowd in your bar / pub? Or some subtle background music to set the mood in your restaurant?

Live singer for pubs, bars & restaurants
Solo singer – ideal for smaller venues

Solo Singer & Guitarist

Classic sing-a-long songs that your customers will love, covering all eras from the 1960s up to the 2010s.

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Acoustic duo for pubs, bars & restaurants
Duo / 3-piece band also available

Duo and 3-Piece Band

Alternatively, if your pub / bar has a larger room or a very lively crowd, you might consider our duo or 3-piece rock band Supernovas.

Our band and duo now have a dedicated website – please go there for bookings and further information.

What To Expect

Performance Times

I normally play 2 × 1 hour sets of live music, with a break in-between. The break can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour – I’m happy to be flexible to fit in with your plans for the night, for example if you’re serving food in the interval.

Arrival & Setting Up Time

It usually takes me around 20 minutes to set up equipment and check sound levels.

Normally, I’ll aim to arrive 30-45 minutes before the first performance is due to start, but I can arrange to arrive earlier if – for example – you need to set the room up before your customers arrive.


I’ll need a “stage area” to perform in – obviously, this should be out of the way of any fire exits, entrances to toilets, etc. Roughly speaking, you should allow 1.5m wide × 1.2m deep (5ft × 4ft).

A raised stage area is a bonus, but it isn’t a requirement.

Sound levels

I use a small, high-quality sound system which allows me to adjust the sound level so that it’s right for your event – whether it’s a candle-lit restaurant or a pub full of rowdy drinkers!

Even if I’m providing quiet background music e.g. for a restaurant, I’ll still bring an amplifier (and use it very quietly) as it helps me to balance out the levels of my voice and guitar.


Have lots of room? Want things to look a bit more flash? I’ll be happy to bring our my LED stage lighting, at no extra charge.

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